Since 1865, the Grants of Glenfarclas have carefully adhered to time-honoured traditions of whisky making. That’s why the name Glenfarclas is still synonymous with quality. We explored our finest reserves and found valuable casks predating 1972 – the year our famous Pagoda kiln was decommissioned.

In tribute, Glencairn Crystal bottled what we found in the finest crystal-cut decanters adorned with precious stones and produced just 100 sets of the world’s best whisky.

This 62-year old whisky is the pinnacle of the treasured Pagoda Reserve range.

It exudes aroma and laces the senses with the sweetness of caramel and chocolate, followed by a whiff of oak.

Pagoda Reserve Brass (43 years) Identified by its warm gold hue and rich dark chocolate flavour notes.

Pagoda Reserve Silver (48 years) Identified by its deep ruby hue and sweet yet spicy flavour notes.

Pagoda Reserve Gold (59 years) Identified by its radiant liquid gold hue and layers of melted milk chocolate flavour notes.

The Pagoda Reserve range is the symbol of pure excellence

any whisky collector dreams of owning. With only 100 sets being produced, it will be the brightest jewel in any collection around the world.

The People

george grant george grant

Glenfarclas Distillery

George Grant, 6th generation of the Glenfarclas family, sits on the Pagoda Series cask selection panel to ensure only the very finest Glenfarclas casks are selected for the prestigious Pagoda Series.

steve notman steve notman

Keeper of the Quaich &

International Wine
Spirits Competition Judge

Stephen is a highly respected judge at the World Whisky Awards and the International Wine & Spirits Competition, whilst actively representing the Scottish Government in China, with its leading International export – Whisky.

john rhodes john rhodes


Glencairn Crystal

John’s interest in whisky turned professional after an encounter with a single cask whisky – a turning point that led him to the Aroma Academy in the United Kingdom, and its methodology of training the nose to awaken the senses.

ben morley ben morley

Chief Operating Officer

The Whisky Corporation

Ben Morley is the Chief Operating Officer of The Whisky Corporation who are the official distributor for the Glenfarclas Pagoda Series.


Win a bottle of the critically acclaimed
1967 Silver Pagoda Reserve (48 Years Old)